Caroline of Edinburgh town, song

Pat McDaid, singing in English
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Come all you lads and lassies and listen to my rhyme
It’s all about young Caroline who was scarcely in her prime
Her cheeks were like blooming rose she was loved by all around
She was called sweet blooming Caroline of Edinburgh Town

Young Henry being a highland lad courting her he came
And when her parents came to know got angry at the same
Young Henry got offended this to her did say
Arise you blooming Caroline and with me come away

We’ll go off to London to London with great speed
It’s there we’ll spend a happy life a happy life indeed
She bundled up her costly robes with Henry for to roam
Over hills and dales and mountains and far away from home

Over hills and dales and mountains down in yon lonesome glen
She said Henry dear if you prove severe or e’er do on me frown
You’ll break the heart of Caroline of Edinburgh town

Oh they scarce had been in London town no more than half a year
When cruel hearted Henry began to prove severe
He says to her I’m bound to sea to your friends onto me frown
Make no delay but beg your way back to Edinburgh Town

Then full of grief without relief to the green woods she has gone
To eat such fruit as she could find that on the bushes grow
For two she had helping her there was ten on her did frown
And more to say why did you stray from Edinburgh town

She left her shawl and bonnet and a note upon the shore
And in this note these words she wrote alas I am no more
I’m in the deep and fast asleep where the small fish move around
I once was blooming Caroline from Edinburgh town

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