Caroline of Edinburgh town, song

Ellen Anne Byrne, singing in English
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Come all you lads and lassies come listen to my rhyme
It’s all about a fair young maid who was scarcely in her prime
She beats the blooming rose she was loved by all around
Some people called her Caroline of Edinburgh Town

Young Henry being highland lad courting her he came
And when her parents heard of it were angry at the same
Young Henry got offended this to her did say
Arise up lovely Caroline and with me come away

We’ll go off to London town to London at great speed
We’ll go off to London town and get married there indeed
She bundled up her costly robes as the tears came tumbling down
And away went lovely Caroline from Edinburgh town

Oh they were down in London town no more than half a year
When cruel hearted Henry began to prove severe
He listed in the English fleet to serve for King and crown
Saying go your way make no delay for Edinburgh Town

See how this maiden wanders see how she walks alone
And how can she live on such fruit that grows upon the ground
Some people they do pity her while others they do frown
And others say what made her stray from Edinburgh Town