The Carndonagh ploughboys, song

Joe Mulheron, singing in English
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Come all of ye Carndonagh ploughboys attention to me will you pay
Well I’ll tell you about my adventure on going to Derry one day.

A new pair of dungarees I was needing me spuds I’d sold just that day
The punts burning a whole in me pocket ah to Derry I started away.

Well I stopped at Thran Johns in the Illies that motorway had me worn out
Well I called for a Clonmany cocktail Del Monte Cidona and stout.

Ten hours later continued my journey the Bally C corner I took on two wheels
I ran over two boys at the customs and a wee customs man oh the screams.

Up Waterloo Street I went walking for a drink I was mortally dry
I went into a bar called The Gweedore well a pint and a half one says I.

Wee Danny the barman was standing and studiously me did ignore
And before I could put my hands on him well he disappeared down thon trap door.

A young girl in the lounge bar was lounging says she now it's your lucky day
Well I feel like an oul dance this evening and I just got my shirt factory pay.

She took me to a night spot called Oscars we fought our way in and then out
Then round to the el Greco in Foyle Street for to give Barricade Sweeney the shout.

Said she to me are you dancing or is it just the strange way that you stand
Ah soon we were doing the tango to Johnny Quigley and his All Star Jug Band.

So says she does your ma let you out very often it’s time to go home for your tea
Says I you’re one in a million aye so are your chances says she.

I walked her home in the moonlight the hopes boys was rising in me
But an RUC man in the carpark wanted to breathalyse me.

I hit him over the head with me banjo showing no great respect for the law
Then up to the badlands of Rosemount for to leave this girl home to her ma.

Come all you young Carndonagh ploughboys who go up to the town for the day
Well never mind the bombs and bullets make sure you go when the girls get their pay.