Captain Colster, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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My name is Captain Colster a hero stout and bold
That fought his way through land and sea and never was controlled
From the eleventh until the twentieth they sailed across the sea
Brought Fr. Matthew’s medals out to Americay

When the pleasure trip was over and bound for bed that night
The captain he came up on deck to see all was right
He said brave boys you don’t go down or think of any sleep
For in less than a few hours you’ll be slumbering in the deep

The enemy is approaching across the western sea
They’ll rob us of our property going to Americay
This pirate ship came up to us, they ordered us to stand
Your gold and precious loading we quickly do command

The battle it was raging while blood in streams did flow
And the captain and his merry men the pirates did o’er throw
Your gold and precious loading you must give up this day
There is not one soul you have on board you’ll bring to Americay

It’s out speaks Captain Colster a hero stout and bold
It’s in the bottom I shall lie before I’ll be controlled
It’s up jumped every boy and his true love by his side
They fought their way right manfully down by the bulwark side