The cailín deas, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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One evening fair to take the air as the summer sun came down
The moon in all its beauty raised the stars began to crown
By Clontarf’s Bay I chanced to stray where a female form did pass
More bright by far than the evening star and they called her the cailín deas.

Said I fair maid where have you strayed come tell to me your name
Likewise your father’s dwelling place then I’ll know from whence you came
With your form so fair and youth so rare sure I ne’er before did pass
For your dear sake my heart would break my charming cailín deas.

Said she my name and residence if that be all you crave
I’m the only daughter of Erin’s king once known as Brian the Brave
By Clontarf’s Bay he slewed the Danes that’s why I’d love to pass
By the evening’s light where my father died said the charming cailín deas.

Well I closed my eyes and in surprise not knowing what I should do
And when my thoughts revived again sure this vision from me flew
Sure I would give England’s wealth and think it only brass
If I could get but another glance of my charming cailín deas.