Burnfoot Town, song

Owen Kelly, singing in English
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It is just six miles from Derry to the spot of border fame
It nestles in between the hills, I am sure you heard its name
For long it was a village small but now it’s coming round
A paradise for rackateers and they call it Burnfoot Town

Shops and stores are springing up like mushrooms over night
And every man has got a plan to seek a building site
The contractors and architects with their tape line stroll around
They must have measured every field around the Burnfoot Town

There’s great big fancy signposts for everyone to see
And petrol pumps of every kind sell Esso and B.P.
The attendants are most courteous and I’ll bet you a pound
They’d rub holes in your windscreen at the pumps in Burnfoot Town

If you have a lady love now bring her don’t forget
And buy her diamond hosiery fully fashioned or fishnet
Or a gold expanding bracelet watch at ten or twenty pound
You’re money it is jet propelled at the shops in Burnfoot Town

De Valera he once said Partition it must go
The racketeering it must end as everyone must know
Those great big fancy signposts one day will all come down
And when Ireland’s free prosperity will leave the Burnfoot Town