Brian O’Linn, song

Joe Mulheron, singing in English
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Oh the Tories in London his job they had stole
While Brian O’Linn he signed on at the dole
Ah the rich getting fatter and I’m getting thin
Ach I’ll have to do something says Brian O’Linn.

Well Brian O’Linn gave much thought to the matter
He decided that he would become a bank robber
Well he got an oul’ mask and a gun to begin
Well they’ll think I’m Dick Turpin says Brian O’Linn.

Well Brian to the wife now said this time tomorrow
For knocking over that wee bank way way down in Shantallow
I’ll take every from neighbour’s dust bin
Well they think I’m Dick Turpin says Brian O’Linn.

Well Brian O’Linn’s wife stole a four door Cortina
Doing ninety up William Street you should have seen her
With the gun sticking out and the wind howling in
Well it’s Bonnie and Clyde now says Brian O’Linn.

Well Brian O’Linn and the wife and the wife’s mother
Well they all stormed into that bank wee bank together
Sure they took an oul’ Dunnes bag for to put the dough in
Don’t think that we’re shopping says Brian O’Linn.

The mother in law to the manager says listen honey
I sawed the barrels off me shot gun so hand up the money
The alarm bell went it made such a din
Well I think we’re surrounded says Brian O’Linn.

Forty SAS men at the front door and none of them rookies
Says he this is harder than doing Duffy’s bookies
We’ll kick the manager out through the front door a fire we’ll begin
Make a dash for Buncrana says Brian O’Linn.

Well now they’re in Shadow Lounge Bar
With Bank of Ireland crisp fivers he lights a cigar
Bad luck to the Tories who made him begin
That life of an outlaw bold Brian O’Linn.