The bonny labouring boy, song

Margaret McEleney, singing in English
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As I roved out one morning fair all in the bloom of spring
I overheard a maid complain and grievously did sing
Saying cruel were my parents they did me so annoy
For they would not let me tarry with my bonny labouring boy

Young Johnny was my true love’s name as you will plainly see
My parents they employed him their labouring boy to be
To plough and harrow and sow the seed down on my father’s land
But I quickly fell in love with him as you will understand

Says the mother to her daughter why do you stoop so low
To marry a poor labouring boy around the world to go
Some noble lord might fancy you great riches you‘d enjoy
So do not throw your life away on a poor labouring boy

Said the daughter to her mother your talk is all in vain
For noble lords or heirs or squires their efforts I distain
I would rather live a single life with time I could employ
Waiting happy prospects with my bonny labouring boy

If I had all the riches that great men hold in store
It’s freely I would bestow them on the boy I do adore
His beauty so entangled me the truth I’ll never deny
In the arms of my labouring boy I wish to live and die

So fill your glasses to the brim let the toast go round
Here’s health to every labouring boy who harrows over the ground
For when his work is over it‘s home he‘ll go with joy
And happy is the girl who weds a bonny labouring boy

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