The bonny bunch of roses, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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By the danger of the ocean one evening in the month of June
When the birds the warbling songsters they sang their note with a rapid tune
I heard a maid lamenting lamenting there in grief and woe
And she was there concerning the part of the bonny bunch of roses o

Oh it’s up steps young Napoleon he took his mother by the hand
Saying its mother dear have patience until I am able to command
It’s I will rise an army and over the frozen realities we’ll go
And it’s we will conquer Moscow when returning we’ll take the bonny bunch of roses o

Oh son dear son don’t speak so vaguesome for England has the heart of oak
For it’s England Ireland and Scotland their unity can never be broke
Well son think of your father’s fate in St. Helena’s his body lies low
And do not follow after him beware of the bonny bunch of roses o

He took him with him ten hundred thousand men with likewise kings to bear his throne
He was so well so provided he thought he would sweep the world along
But when he came to Moscow he was overwhelmed by the drifting snow
And Moscow set ablazing he lost the bonny bunch of roses o

Oh mother dearest mother I am lying on my dying bed
Had I lived I might have been clever but now I will drop my youthful head
But while my bones lies a mouldering and over my grave the green willows they will grow
The deeds of young Napoleon must be the bonny bunch of roses o