Bold Sean and the tinker, song

Corney McDaid, singing in English
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My name is bold Seán I was bred up in Culna
A place that you know sure there’s always a steer
One day in promotion as I took a notion
I rambled to Scotland the harvest to shear.

I parted with Molly so right wise and jolly
I picked up my spade and I spat on my hand
For to keep myself cheery and from getting weary
I sung Paddy Whack as I doddled along.

I went up til Dunbarton twas on a fair evening
My bundle and staff for I had in my hand
Sure some of them laughed at me some of them scoffed at me
Some of them thought they’d take poor Paddy in.

I went up to this woman I asked her for lodgings
Says she My poor fellow you seem to be dull
But I’ll show you a cottage where you might get lodgings
It’s one Betty Lynns that lives near the Black Bull.

I went up to this woman I asked her for lodgings
She instantly showed me a bed in the room
I was weary and tired so I was glad to get lodging
My bundle and staff I threw down on the ground.

But up in the corner there sats a bold tinker
He swore by his soul he’d kill all was there
Thinks I my bold fellow give less of your bouncing
For I am bold Seán from the county Kildare.

The room it was read and me and the tinker
We fell till the boxing the fiddle kept jigging
The old woman kept scrigging
While me and the tinker we boxed a hard round.

Sure he instantly hit me a dig in the stomach
I instantly hit him a dig in the throat
He fell o’er in the corner like an old sheep was bleeding
And killed an old maid six hens and a goat.

So now to conclude sure we called for a noggin
To raise up the tinker and call off the fight
A drop of the creature will make a man better
So strike up the fiddle and play an old dance.