Bobby Sands, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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It bein on the year 1981 in the town of sweet Belfast
On March the first with the rising sun Bobby Sands began his fast
In the prison cages of Long Kesh Concannon’s living hell
Whilst the world did gaze in deep amaze at this Irish young rebel

No convict’s clothes I’ll wear he said this felon of our land
We’re blanket men until we’re dead in these we’ll proudly stand
The free world now will hear our cry and rally to our call
Oh for Ireland I will fight or die blanket men we are one and all

Mother England she looked on with scorn at this Bobby Sands MP
He is not loyal to the crown and that shall never be
For crime is crime she told us all in blanket clothes they will be
Ah but Bobby and his comrades brave says that you will never see

It was in the H-Blocks of the Kesh Bobby Sands he lay down to die
For the space of sixty-six long days he murmured yet did not sigh
His mother and his sister too they watched him pine each day
For the H-Blocks soon they would be his tomb as his life slowly ebbed away

Farewell to you my comrades brave I bid my last farewell
For I’d rather fill a rebel’s grave than to live in Thatcher’s hell
Some day somewhere we’ll meet again in that free land far away
Sure I have no sin but my eyes they grow dim  it’s the dawning of the day