The blooming maid of Galway Town, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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As I roved out one fine summer’s evening to take farewell on stream and hill
I met my true love on the way with the bursting joy my heart did fill
I kindly took her by the hand and on the shore we both sat down
It was there I took many’s the long long look at the blooming maid of Galway town.

Said I my lass it will come to pass that I must leave my native shore
It will grieve my heart love from you to part you’re the blooming maid I do adore
If it’s unto me love you will prove kind and fortune on my collar shine
Sure I’ll come home love with gold in store to the blooming maid of Galway town.

She says dear Jack don’t be afraidfor it’s unto you I will prove kind
No other man love will get my hand or other ways I’ll change my mind
May the heavens bless you night and day and keep you from all dangers kind
It will be the prayer of your Mary Anne until you return to Galway town.

We both shook hands I stepped on board I parted with my heart’s delight
And on the deckboard I did stand and I watched her while she kept in sight
But it’s then the dark clouds they arose and the evening sun rolled gently down
It was there I took my last fond look o’ the blooming maid of Galway town.

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