The blazing star of Drung, song

Michael Gallanagh, singing in English
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The very first time I saw my love the stormy winds did blow
The hills and heathery mountains were covered o’er with snow
I tarried late a friend to treat which caused me to stray
Where I beheld that bonnie wee girl she stole my heart away.

The very next time I saw my love she smiled and passed me by
Says I to her my bonnie wee girl where does your dwelling lie
She answered me right modestly with a kind and as mild a tongue
Kind sir my habitation and my dwelling lies in Drung.

I courted her the lee long night and part of the next day
Says I to her my bonnie wee girl I’ll have you on the sea
I asked her father for her but he said she was too young
Till the day I die I’ll ne’er deny I loved the maid from Drung.

Oh Nancy you’re my fancy you’re my only joy and care
Though they were angry and would not let me near
It’s not for gold nor silver that I would value upon
I’d maintain you like a lady if you were far from Drung.

My love she’s like the morning star she dresses all by day
Her neck and lovely shoulders they excel the lilies gay
Her charming voice made me rejoice she sung her notes so clear
I would count it next to paradise to be with you my dear.

Farewell to lovely Derry it was there I was born and reared
Likewise unto Dungiven it was there I learned my trade
Here’s twice a health to my darling our ship is going strong
And a big farewell to the bonnie wee girl she’s the blazing star of Drung.

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