The Blackwater side, song

Packie McGonigle, singing in English
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As I roved out one evening down by a shady grove
I little thought that I’d be caught all in the chains of love
Returning to my native place where I first did reside
I espied a maid from Erin’s Isle round the Blackwater side

I stood a while condoling, now knowing what to do
Still thinking on some remedy my mind for to subdue
As I embraced this comely maid she answered in reply
Your company don’t ask of me down by Blackwater side

If you’re a snare of evil come here for to destroy
My virgin blooms this afternoon I hope you’ll pass me by
I’ve neither houses nor free land but God to be my guide
A servant maid I will remain all on the Blackwater side

If you be poor do not endure to live in poverty
For I have money plenty to serve both you and me
And while I have a shilling it’s with you I’ll divide
Now haste you to Amerikay from the Blackwater side

She gave consent away we went her passage I did pay
Unknown to both her parents bound for Amerikay
From Belfast quay we sailed away all on the flowing tide
She bid farewell to all her friends round the Blackwater side

Now she’s the mistress of my heart and hand and all my property
Sure I have money plenty to serve both her and me
She’s mistress of my heart and hand she’s my beloved bride
She’ll bless the day she sailed away from the Blackwater side