The Black Horse, song

Denis McDaid, singing in English
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Come all you airy bachelors a warning take by me
Be sure and shun wild roving likewise bad company
I lived as happy as a prince when I lived in the North
And the first of my misfortunes was to enlist in the Black Horse

Being on the second Tuesday to Galway I did go
I met with a listing officer which caused my overthrow
I met with a listing officer in the market as I went down
He says Young man I’ll have you enlist and be a light dragoon

Indeed kind sir a soldier’s life with me would not agree
And never shall I bind myself down from my liberty
I live as happy as a prince my mind does tell me so
So fare you well I’m now going down my shuttle for to throw

It’s are you in a hurry or are you going away
Or won’t you stop and listen to what I’m going to say
Or do you live far from this place the same I’d like to know
And if you please young man says he your name before you go

Although I’m in a hurry my dwelling lies not far
My home and habitation lies three miles beyond Armagh
And Charles Higgins is my name for Armagh town I came
I never intend to do a crime I should deny my name

Indeed kind cousin Charles perhaps you might do worse
Then come with me and bind yourself and list in the Black Horse
With all his kind persuasion with him I did agree
To leave my native country boys and fight for liberty

Farewell to old father likewise my sisters three
And to my poor old mother while shedding tears for me
While I go down through Charlestown they’ll all run in my mind
I think of my friends in Galway and the girl I left behind


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