The Bedford van, song

John Walker, singing in English
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I was born near a place they call Springtown I belong to the tinker clan
I have no fixed abode I’m well known on the road and I drive an aul’ black Bedford van
We move around from town to town me and my wife Sally Anne
At night we just pack have a court in the dark in the back of the old Bedford van

The first time that I met Sally ‘twas a mile or so outside Strabane
She gave me a look so I couldn’t resist I soon got her into the van
She put her arms around me I thought I was getting on grand
That very same night she proposed to me in the back of the aul’ Bedford van

On our honeymoon over in Glasgow I was stopped by a big policeman
He say to me Don’t drink and drive here slipped the breathlyser into my hand
Next morning in court I had to report my trial I had to stand
I wish I had aul’ Maggie Thatcher in the back of the old Bedford van

I took her to old Ballycastle you’ve heard of the Aul’ Lammas Fair
We met quite a few aul’ pals we knew and we had a hectic time there
And when coming home now Sally took sick for she ate too much Yellow Man
And I must confess she made a terrible mess in the back of the aul’ Bedford van

One day we were parked at Springtown Sally was making some tea
A big dame strolled past with her skirt at half mast started smiling and winking at me
Sally drew out she hit her with a clout with whatever she had in her hand
And that night I gave her the kiss of life in the back of the aul’ Bedford van

Now you young men who drive a wee van a warning take by me
Don’t be too quick to pick up a wee lass no matter how sweet she may be
For if you start your aul’ carry on or you start holding her hand
You’ll end up with a wife for the rest of your life in the back of the aul’ Bedford van