The banks of Newfoundland, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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You landsmen and you seamen bold of high low degree
Come gather round and lend an ear and listen unto me
Concerning Irish seamen bold as yous might understand
Who sails away with hearts quite gay for the Banks of Newfoundland

On the second day of September they sailed from Waterford Quay
Like noble hearted seaboys they boldly sailed away
We set her canvas to the wind and like a magic wand
Sure we sailed away with hearts quite gay for the Banks of Newfoundland

But when we reached the western shore a dreadful storm did rise
The raging seas oh they did swell and the lightning filled the sky
Her captain cried Brave sailor boys your courage now command
For a dreadful storm is raging on the Banks of Newfoundland

Our captain did his duty well his courage did not fail
But the loss of her three seamen bold he sadly did bewail
We were washed from off the deck my boys on the deck we could not stand
We were drenched with rain and windswept hail on the Banks of Newfoundland

Oh what a dreadful sight to see as morning did appear
The dead and dying ‘twas hard to grieve there was no assistance here
You could see their bodies lying there exposed to every strand
Not a  Christian here to bury the dead on the Banks of Newfoundland