Ballintown Brae, song

Bridie Doherty, singing in English
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Young men and young women I pray you draw near
To hear my sad tale of two lovers so dear
It’s about bonnie Bessie from Ballintown Brae
And the lord of the moorland who led her astray

One night as this young man lay down for to sleep
Young Bessie came to him and o’er him did weep
Saying you are the young man that caused me to roam
Away from my friends and my bright happy home

This lord he arose like a man in despair
Saying Is this the voice of my Bessie I hear
And if she is dead her vision I see
I will be by her side on sweet Ballintown Brae

He ordered his servants to saddle his steed
O’er high hills and valleys he rode with great speed
Until he arrived there at the noon time of day
At the cottage of Bessie of Ballintown Brae

Bessie’s old father stood at his own gate
A man looking old and resigned to his fate
I stepped up to him saying Is there no relief?
I asked this old man the cause of his grief

I had one only daughter this old man did say
But now she lies cold in sweet Ballintown Brae
I am the traitor this young man did say
I am the traitor who led her astray

And out of his pocket a sharp sword he drew
Like a loyal true lover he pierced his heart through
And as he lay dying these last words did say
Lay me down with my Bessie in Ballintown Brae