As I roved out, song

Corney McDaid, singing in English
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As I roved out on a bright May day
For to hear the birds sing sweet
I leaned myself down on a new garden wall
For to see twa lovers meet

For to see twa lovers meet my dear
And to know what they might say
That I might know a bit more of their minds
Before I would go away

Sit you down on the grass he said
Down on the grass so green
For it’s nearly three quarters of a year or more
Since together we have been

I’ll not sit down on the grass she said
Nor know no other kind
For you are engaged to another fair maid
And your heart’s no longer mine

Do you mind the time when your heart was mine
And your head lay on my breast
You false young man you made me believe
That the sun rose in the West

I’ll not believe what an old man says
For his days they are not long
Or it’s I’ll not believe what a young man says
For he’s promised to many’s the one

He is promised to many’s the one my dear
And many’s the false story tell
Till he finds out a pretty girl’s mind
Then adieu adieu fare thee well

Sure it’s I’ll climb up to yon high tree top
And I’ll rob the phoenix nest
And I’ll come down with a bird in every hand
To the wee boy I love the best

Sure T it stands for Tom she says
And J it stands for John
And W it stands for Willie my true love
He is the only one

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