The Arranmore disaster, song

Danny Carr, singing in English
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Kind people here pray lend an ear I’ll tell you one and all
‘Tis of an awful disaster now occurred in Donegal
The wide Atlantic Ocean has added to its toll
Another nineteen brave young men may the lord receive each soul

Being in the year of thirty five on a bleak November eve
This awful drowning there took place it caused us all to grieve
Those cheerful boys were going home from the Scottish harvest field
Then to the wild Atlantic their lives were forced to yield

What cheerful thoughts were in their minds when sailing up Lough Foyle
They viewed the hills around Inishowen that land of Irish soil
Their home bound train from Derry left by Creeslough through Gweedore
Oh lord who’d think they’d never reach their homes in Aranmore

When they had arrived in Burtonport they were met upon the pier
They lightly chatted with their friends all in the best of cheer
They set home for the island but they never reached its shore
A cloud of grief and sorrow now hangs round homely Aranmore

That little boat by God was doomed across the bay set sail
But only one out of the score survived and told the tale
He saved another passenger though he perished in the cold
Then highest praise must be his due that hero brave and bold

So now my friends there’s one request sure I ask you one and all
Pray for the nineteen victims now who are lost from Donegal
With St Patrick and St Brigid may they dwell for evermore
In the land where hardship is unknown far away from Aranmore