Ardmore Green

Paddy Hegarty, singing in English
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When first unto this country my mind from care was free
The beauty of that fair young maid she then enticed me
The beauty of that fair young maid she set my heart aflame
To win her praises she set forth she dwells near Ardmore Green.

Her cheeks they’re like the rosy red that bloom in the month of June
Her teeth are like polished ivory and her breath it is perfume
Her dark brown hair flows ower the air most glorious to be seen
And like a dart she pierced my heart along the Ardmore Green.

It was on a Tuesday evening my love I chanced to meet
I rolled her in my arms and I gave her kisses sweet
I asked her if she would marry me or single still remain
Or if she would sail the sea with me and leave sweet Ardmore Green.

Farewell to Londonderry town likewise Lough Swilly shore
It was there I spent some happy days I never might see them more
Farewell a while to sweet Argyll where oftimes I have been
And twice farewell to my own dear girl she dwells near Ardmore Green.