1956 Fleadh, song

Robbie McMahon, singing in English
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Will you sit back awhile till I sing you a song
Tis not very short nor it's not very long;
Its about the Fleadh Cheoil down in Ennis you see
So to me will you pay your attention.

I’m not a great singer but I know there are worse
I cannot help trying to sing you a verse;
For to let you all know how the Fleadh Cheoil got on
For you, now, who couldn’t attend it.

They came from the North and they came from the East
From the West and the South ‘twas a thriller to see;
With fiddles and bagpipes and piccolos too
And drum sticks to keep them in order.

They came down from Dublin so hearty and gay
They brought Leo Rowsome to show them the way;
Himself and Sean Seery they played all the way.
With their flute payer Vincent O’Broderic

Sciddery-Idle dom-diddery dom-diddery die dee.

They came down from Cavan so far far away
I’m sure they were travelling for most of a day;
With singers and players the best I can say
To compete at the Fleadh down in Ennis.

Their players were good and their singers were keen
But Margaret O’Reilly was the best of the team;
And big Doctor Galligan he wore the bainin
Just to swank at the Fleadh down in Ennis.

From the kingdom of Kerry they all made their way
And brave Dennis Murphy he started to play;
The ‘Ould Floggin Reel’ and ‘The Black Cup o’ Tay’
Sure you’d feel ten times younger right after.

From Limerick’s fair city they came by the score
And Johnny MacMahon he played an encore;
And the bould Andy Keane sure he played as much more
And to finish he played ‘Colonel Frazer’.

Sciddery-Idle dom-diddery dom-diddery die dee.

From Wicklow and Carlow they all fell in line
And up from Portarlington came Johnny Ryan;
He rosined his bow and he watched every line
And he won the first prize on the violin.

From Galway they came every man and his wife
With Eddie Moloney who played on the fife;
And young Kieran Collins would the dead rise
When he played us ‘The Lark in the Morning’.

There was music and song from all over Clare
The Macks of Crusheen and sure all the Mulkeres;
The Mike Preston Trio and Martin Mulhaire
Not forgetting the Mister Joe Leary.

Mrs. Crotty she came all the way from Kilrush
She took a high note for the ‘Bird on the Bush’
She played all the day and she never did blush
Twas ‘Good Girl Yourself Mrs Crotty.’

Sciddery-Idle dom-diddery dom-diddery die dee.

Noe Peter O’Loughlin from Connolly came
He brought Paddy Murphy, sure twas all in the game;
They played a duet and they made a big name
For they won at the Fleadh down in Ennis.

And down from Bellharbour Chris Droney he came
He played on a matchbox I thought twas that same;
Till someone said 'Robbie what’s that you are saying'
Isn’t that his own small Concertina.

They came down from Quilty, to sing and to play
With big Martin Talty from Miltown Malbay
And our own Willie Clancy, he gave a display
Sure we know he’s the King of the pipers.

Then somebody said then, ‘who’s that man over there?’
Isn’t that Jimmy Ward from the north side of Clare
He plays on the banjo with music to spare
For he plays with the great Kilfenora.  

Our own Paddy Canny, he took o'er the fair
He played through the streets and right up to the square;
Says Daniel O’Connell ‘My Life on you there’
And I think you’re the best of them all sure.

And o’er from America more of them flew
And Paddy O’Brien, he was one of the few;
He’d played, the accordion you’d swear there were two
He got so many notes in together.

Sciddery-Idle dom-diddery dom-diddery die dee.

Now Ciaran MacMahon was busy bedad
Recording them all both the good and the bad;
But for him our music was gone to the bad
So tis welcome Ciaran MacMathuna.

‘Tis all over now but twas something to see
So thanks to Sean Reid and the great committee;
So I wish you good health now and good luck from me
Until we all meet in Dungarvan.

Sciddery-Idle dom-diddery dom-diddery die dee.