ITMA has used computers for information control and retrieval from its inception in 1987, and has adopted other digital equipment and digital functions as technology became available.

The ITMA catalogue can be accessed from anywhere and a significant amount of material has been made available online via the Digital Library.  This has been made possible through the generosity of performers and copyright holders who have given their permission to allow their material be published online.  There is also a large body of material on the website that is out of coypright.  Visitors to the ITMA reading room however will have access to the full collection with no copyright restrictions.  

ITMA uses the cloud-based Soutron LMS (Library Management System) to catalogue and control its collections.  It also uses AtoM as the front end for the digital repository housing the non-commercial collections and Craft as the website CMS (Content Management System).  Assets are hosted on Amazon S3.  ITMA also has a YouTube channel and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  The IIIF viewer for the Goodman and Grier manuscripts and the Port microsite are served via Amazon Lightsail.