Tunes of the Munster Pipers, Volume 2 (paperback)

Tunes of the Munster Pipers, Volume 2 (paperback)

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Tunes of the Munster Pipers, Volume 2 : Irish Traditional Music from the James Goodman Manuscripts / Hugh & Lisa Shields, eds

This important new book publication from the Irish Traditional Music Archive completes a two-volume edition of the manuscript collection of Irish music written by Canon James Goodman in the 1860s and preserved in the Library of Trinity College.

The volume contains 536 song airs, dance tunes and other forms, along with extensive documentation. Goodman's tunes provide a unique insight into the musical traditions of the Irish-speaking southern regions of pre-Famine Ireland. The first volume of the edition, edited by Hugh Shields in 1998, contained 515 tunes obtained by Goodman from ‘Munster pipers &c.’.This second volume includes all other Goodman melodies from oral sources, along with unpublished melodies from manuscripts to which he had access; it omits those copied from printed sources. It is accompanied by a substantial online index of research information on the whole Goodman collection.

James Goodman (1828-896), a native of Dingle, Co Kerry, was a canon of the Church of Ireland and Professor of Irish at Trinity College Dublin. But he is now chiefly known as the complier of an outstanding manuscript collection of some 2,300 traditional tunes held in the Library of the college.

Dr Hugh Shields (1929–2008), a native of Belfast, was Senior Lecturer in French in Trinity College Dublin and a Fellow of the college. He collected, studied and published traditional song and music from the 1950s. Lisa Shields, a player of concertina and uilleann pipes, is a graduate in modern languages from TCD. She is former Librarian of the Irish Meteorological Service.

The 515 tunes this volume contains are available as interactive scores here.

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Title:Tunes of the Munster Pipers, Volume 2 : Irish Traditional Music from the James Goodman Manuscripts / Hugh & Lisa Shields, eds
Author:Hugh & Lisa Shields, eds
Contributor:James Goodman -- Hugh Shields -- Lisa Shields -- Nicholas Carolan -- Jackie Small
Publication Details:Dublin : Irish Traditional Music Archive / Taisce Cheol Dúchais Éireann, 2013

Table of contents

List of Illustrations 
The Goodman Collection: Content and Sources
The Goodman Collection: Manuscripts
The Edition and Editorial Changes
Volume One  
Tunes from Volume One 
Volume Two 
Tunes from Volume Two  
Volume Three 
Tunes from Volume Three  
Volume Four 
Tunes from Volume Four  
Appendix: ‘Internal Frontiers in James Goodman’, Hugh Shields (1993)  
Information Sources and Abbreviations
Sample Pages of the Complete Online Index  
Index of Titles in the Complete Goodman Collection  
Index of Titles in the Present Volume  

Tune titles

Aberdeen Reel -- Air (Carolan’s Airs no 31) -- The Alexander -- Alexander Jig -- Andrew’s Farewell to Ireland -- The Angler -- “Ara Go Easy!” -- Ayrshire Lasses -- Back of the Change -- The Baker’s Reel -- Bally-na-courty Jig -- Bán Chnoic Éireann O! -- ‘Bang it Up’ -- The Banks of Primroses -- Bantry Bay -- The Bantry Jig -- The Barley Grain -- The Barons Court Dance -- Barrack Hill -- The Basket of Oysters -- An Bhean Dubh ón Sliabh -- The Beggarman’s Trot. Sodar an Bhacaigh -- The Black Bird -- The Black Joke -- The Blackberry Blossom -- Blanchard’s Hornpipe – wrong -- Blewit’s Jig -- Bocach Buidhe na Léige -- Boney over the Alps -- Bonny Anne. Miss Murphy -- Bonny Kate -- Bony in St Helena -- Bóthar Ruadh -- The Bottles & the Glasses Come Rolling on the Table-- The Boys of the Abbey [2nd title] -- The Boys of the Lough -- The Bridal Polka -- The Bridge of Perth -- Brighton Hornpipe -- The Bucks of Westmeath, or “Humours of the Holy Stone” -- Bugle Quick Step -- “‘Bundle and Go’” -- Buonaparte’s Retreat -- Burns’ Farewell -- Butchers’ March (as a jig) -- Butter to Peas (Reel) -- Cailín Deas Crúidhte na mBó -- An Cailín Péacach [2nd title] -- Cailleach an Dilisg -- The Calais Packet -- The Caledonian Lass -- The Cameronian Reel -- The Campbells are Coming -- Caoilte Glas na Trugha -- Captain Kelly’s Reel -- The Caravats (Irish song) -- (Carolan’s Airs); Catherine Ogie; Connor O’Reilly; Grace Nugent; Lady Blaney;  O’Moore’s Fair Daughter; Planxty Drury; Planxty O’Connor; Planxty Peyton; Receipt for Drinking  -- Castle Oliver Chase -- Catherine Ogie (Carolan’s Airs no 14) -- Ceann Dubh Dileas -- ‘Cherish the Ladies’ -- The Chorus Jigg -- Clean Pease Straw -- The Cockers of Limerick -- Coffee and Tea -- [Coffee and Tea] — Connaught Ranger [2nd title] -- A Connaught Reel -- Connor O’Reilly (Carolan’s Airs no 13) -- Constantine Hornpipe -- The Cork Lasses -- The Coughing Old Man -- The Old Coulin [2nd title] -- Country Dance -- The Country Lass -- The Coursing Reel -- Crónán -- The Cuckoo’s Nest. An Spealadóir -- Cup of Tea -- Custom House Jig New -- ‘D— take the Minister’ -- Dandy Girl -- Dark-haired Girl -- Darling Mary’s Fancy -- Dear Irish Boy -- ‘Dear Mary’ -- The Devil among the Tailors -- D[evil] take the Minister: -- Dicksey Land -- The Dougarry Boys -- Dowlas Hornpipe -- Down the Broom to Joe -- Down the Street -- The Downshire Reel -- An Draoighneán Donn -- Drowsy Moggy -- Drummond Lasses -- Drunk at Night and Dry in the Morning -- The Drunken Guager [sic] -- The Dublin Porter -- Dúiseachd Jig by Jackson  -- The Dumfree House -- Dunkeild House -- The Dusty Miller -- The Eagle’s Whistle [2nd title] -- The Earl of Dalkeith’s Reel -- ‘Oh Erin, my Country’ -- The Fair Maids of Ireland -- Fanny -- ‘Farewell to Old Ireland’ -- ‘Farewell to the Highlands’ -- ‘Farewell to Whiskey’ -- The Farmer’s Lass -- Fasdaoim an Mhinisdir -- Fashions of the Day -- A Favourite Reel-- Ferreter’s Frolic -- The Ferry Point -- Fire on the Mountains -- The Flogging -- The Flogging Reel (another set) -- Flora MacDonald -- The Flowers of Edinburgh -- The Flying Polka -- ‘Follow Me, Lads’ -- The Fox Asleep -- The Fox-hunter’s Jig -- The  Old Foxhunter’s Jigg -- Frazer’s Frolic -- The Freize Knee Breeches, or Connaught Ranger --  A French Dance -- French Militia (reel) -- The French Reaper -- The Frost is All Over -- The Galway Harebait (reel) -- The Garden of Daisies -- The Geese in the Bog -- The Gipsy -- The Girl’s Danger -- Glanmorgan House (Jig) -- ‘Go Dé Sin don Té Sin? &c’ -- “Good Morrow to You &c”—an old ballad -- Grace Nugent (Carolan’s Airs no 19) -- Gradh mo Chroidhe -- Gráine Mhaol -- The Green Fields to America -- The Green Woods of Truigha -- Green’s Hornpipe -- The Green-wood Lasses -- Gregg’s Pipes -- Grey Goose -- Grog (Jackson’s Airs V) -- Groom .i. Larry Grogan (Jackson’s Airs XX) -- Guy Mannering, Scotch Air in -- Hawke’s Hornpipe -- Heart of my Kitty [2nd title] -- Heilan’s Fling -- Hibernia -- The Hibernian Medley -- The High Cauled Cap -- The High Road to Cork -- Highland Fling -- A Highland Reel -- The New Honey Moon – Hornpipe -- Hornpipe (Priam’s) -- House Maid (Jackson’s Airs XVII) -- Humours of Ardgroom -- The Humours of Ballinacourty -- The Humours of Castleconnell -- -- Humours of Cromane. ‘Seachain do Chos air an dTépot’  -- The Humours of Dingle -- The Humours of Ennistimon -- Humours of Flip -- The Humours of Galway -- The Humours of George’s Street -- Humours of Glasses -- The Humours of Glasses -- Humours of Glengarriff -- Humours of Glynn -- The Humours of Kilkee -- Humours of Newtown -- The Humours of Peppermint -- The Humours of Redgap -- The Humours of Six-mile Bridge -- “Humours of the Holy Stone” [2nd title] -- The Hunt (Jackson’s Airs XIX) -- Hyde Park Fair -- I Have a Wife of my Own -- I’d Rather Live a Single Life than Marry a Donny [?] Man -- “I’m Asleep & Don’t Waken Me” -- I’m Over Young to Marry Yet -- ‘Indeed then you Shan’t!!’ -- Indian Melody -- An Irish Air -- Irish Air from Petrie’s Collection -- Irish Jigg -- Irish March of the 45th Regiment -- The Irishman -- Is Buachail Óg Mé -- It was in the Year 1804 -- Ivory’s Hornpipe -- Jack Crumpe -- Jackey from Dover -- [Jackson’s] Dúiseachd Jig -- [Jackson’s] Grog -- [Jackson’s] Groom .i. Larry Grogan -- Jackson’s Hornpipe -- [Jackson’s] House Maid -- [Jackson’s] Hunt -- [Jackson’s] Jigg -- Jackson’s—Maid in the Garret -- [Jackson’s] Morning Brush -- [Jackson’s] Nightcap -- [Jackson’s] Snack -- [Jackson’s] “Thought” -- [Jackson’s] Trip to the Furze -- [Jackson’s] Trip to the Garrett -- Jean de Paris -- Jemmie the Gom -- Jenny Lind Polka, New -- ‘Jenny, Rock the Cradle’ -- (Jer Kane) O’Shea’s Frolic -- Jig “Ara Go Easy!” -- Lanigan’s Ball -- Jig. SG -- Jigg (Jackson’s Airs VII) -- Jim Browne -- The Job of Journeywork -- The Jockey Hornpipe -- The Jockey’s Hornpipe -- John Doe (an old Irish air). An Réalthion Lean-abach -- John MacGuire. Same as Táiliúr an Mhagaigh -- Jolly Jack’s Hornpipe -- The Jolly Tinker -- The Jolly Young Waterman -- The Kerry Lasses -- The Kilkenny Hunt -- Kilkenny Jig -- Killarney Fair -- Kiss in the Furze -- ‘Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel’-- Kitty got her Clinking -- Kitty is Gone a-Milking -- Kitty’s Rambles to Youghal -- Kitty’s Wedding, or The Boys of the Abbey -- The Ladies’ Pantaloons -- The Ladies’ Top Dress -- The Lads of Ayr -- The Lads of the Town -- The Lads of the Village -- The Lads that Thresh the Barley -- Lady Blaney (Carolan’s Airs no 87) -- Lady Caroline Bligh’s Reel -- Lady Clare’s Quick Step -- Lady Cork’s Reel -- Lady E[lizabeth] Douglas’s Reel -- Lady Harriet Hope’s Reel -- Lady Hynes : Jig -- Lady Matilda Bruce -- Lanigan’s Ball [2nd title]  -- Larry Grogan [2nd title] -- The Lass of Gowrie -- Lass of Patty’s Mill -- The Lasses of Dundee -- Last Night’s Fun -- Lee Flower -- The Limerick Jockey -- The Limerick Lasses -- The Limerick Waltz -- The Lisburn Lasses -- Lochaber -- Lochiel’s Quickstep -- The Long Hills of Mourne -- The Long Strands of America -- Lord Mayo -- The Lothian Lass -- Lough Erne’s Water -- Lovely Jane [June?] -- The Lowlands of Scotland -- Lucy Campbell-- McCarthy’s Hornpipe -- McCarthy’s Jig -- McConnell’s Quick Step -- Madra Sheáin Uí Chulionáin -- Maggie Tripping on the Shore -- Maggy Lawder -- The Maid in Danger -- The Maid in the Garret -- Maid in the Garret (Jackson’s) -- The Maid of Aberdeen -- The Maid of Barra -- The Maiden Fair (reel) -- Maidin Fómhar .i. An Cailín Péacach -- The Maids of Erin -- Maids on the Green -- Mamma’s Pet -- Mangaire Súgach ro Chan. Same as Úr Chlann na -- Mná ó’n Sliabh -- The Man-of-War Hornpipe -- March -- March (Sir Barry Denny’s) -- Marquess of Huntley’s Strathspey [2nd title] -- Mary O’Hara -- Mary of Castle Cary -- The Meadow in Bloom -- The Merry Bagpiper -- The Merry Time of Easter -- Merthyr Hornpipe -- The Midnight Maid -- The Miners of Wicklow -- Miss Birmingham’s Hornpipe -- Miss Brown’s Hornpipe -- Miss Dun’s Fancy -- Miss Kelly’s Reel -- Miss McLeod’s Reel -- Miss Monaghan’s Reel -- Miss Murphy [2nd title] -- Miss Norton’s Jig -- Miss Parkin’s Jig -- Miss Rawdon’s Fancy -- Miss Westrop’s Reel -- Mistress O’Grady -- ‘Mo Nóra a Stór’ -- ‘Molly Dear, O’ -- ‘Molly, will you Do it?’ -- Money in Both Pockets -- Money in Hand -- ‘Money, Lad!’ -- Money Musk -- Money Musk (another version) -- Morning Brush (Jackson’s Airs IV) -- ‘Mount the Baggage’ -- The Mountain Hornpipe -- Mrs McDonald -- Mrs Parker’s Fancy -- Munster Lass -- A Munster Reel -- Murphy’s Dream -- Murphy’s Hornpipe -- Murray’s Maggot, or The Heart of my Kitty -- My Bride is a Young Thing -- My Love is but a Lassie Yet (as a reel) -- My Love is in America -- Naebody -- Neil Gow—or The Marquess of Huntley’s Strath-spey -- Nelly Cusack -- The New Custom House Jig -- New Honey Moon -- New Jenny Lind Polka -- New Post Office (reel) -- New Prime of Life -- New-rigg’d Ship -- New ‘Split the Whisker’ -- New York Hornpipe -- Night Cap (Jackson’s Airs VIII) -- ‘Nóra a Stór, Mo’ -- Nóra Críona -- O’Connell’s Welcome to Clare -- ‘O Molly Dear’ -- O’Moore’s Fair Daughter (Carolan’s Airs no 9) -- The O’Mulloy Tune (The Old Coulin) -- O’Shea’s Frolic (Jer Kane) -- O’Sullivan’s Fancy -- ‘Oh, Erin, my Country’ -- The Old Coulin [2nd title]  -- Old Foxhunter’s Jigg -- Old Woman’s Money -- Ole Rosin de Bow -- Orange Rogue -- Over the Bridge to Peggy -- Over the Hill to my Nanny oh! (Hornpipe) -- Paddy from London -- Paddy O’Kelly -- Paddy on the Road -- Paddy the Piper -- Paddys Evermore -- Paddy’s Green Island -- A Pantomime Jig -- Parting Cup -- Patrick’s Delight -- Perfect Cure -- Peter Street Dance -- Petticoat Loose -- The Pidgeon on the Gate -- The Pig under the Pot -- Planxty Drury (Carolan’s Airs no 10) -- Planxty O’Connor (Carolan’s Airs no 20) -- Planxty Peyton (Carolan’s Airs no 2) -- Police Jacket (reel) -- Polka -- The New Post Office (reel) -- The Pretty Girl in Danger -- Pretty Girl Milking her Cow -- The Pretty Girls of Gorey -- (Priam’s) hornpipe -- The Priest of Lurgan -- The Prime of Life -- New Prime of Life -- The Primrose Girl -- Prince of Wales’ Polka -- Quadrille -- Queen of May -- Quick Step -- A Quick Step -- The Rail Road -- The Rakes of Clonmel -- The Rakes of Kildare -- The Rakes of Westmeath -- An Réalthion Leanabach [2nd title] -- Receipt for Drinking (Carolan’s Airs no 8) – Down the Street -- Reel (by Waller) -- Reel (D.S.) Kitty is Gone a-Milking -- Reel (Jer Kane) O’Shea’s Frolic -- Reel, Miss Kelly’s -- Reels of bogies -- The Repeal Legacy -- Richer’s Hornpipe -- ‘Ride a Mile’ -- The Rights of an Irishman -- Rimini Hornpipe -- ‘Rise, Sons of William, Rise!’ -- Roast Beef from London -- ‘Roll Her on the Mountain’ -- Rondo -- The Roscommon Ball -- Ross’s Hornpipe -- ‘Rouse the Grouse’ -- Royal Charlie -- Roy’s Reel -- Sagart na m-Buatuisidhe -- Salamanca Reel -- The Sandy Banks of Rush -- The Sandy-haired Boy -- The Scholar -- The Scolding Wife -- Scotch Air in Guy Mannering -- The Scotch Bonnet -- A Scotch Country Dance -- The Scotch Hunt -- Scotch Lilt -- Scotch Lilt, A -- Scotch Mary -- ‘Seachain do Chos air an dTépot’ [2nd title] -- Sean-Bhean Críona an Dranntáin -- ‘Séid, a Bhean Bhochd’ -- ‘Shake the Feathers’ -- Shane’s Castle -- Ships are Sailing -- The Showman’s Reel -- Signora Ferze’s Hornpipe -- Silver and Gold -- Siobhán Mhór, or The Eagle’s Whistle -- (Sir Barry Denny’s) March -- Sir Robert Bruce’s Hornpipe -- Sir Roger de Coverly -- “Siubhail, a Rúin” -- Six-mile Bridge -- Sliabh na m-Ban -- Slow March -- The Smith’s March -- Snack (Jackson’s Airs X) -- Sodar an Bhacaigh [2nd title] -- The Soldier’s Dance -- ‘Speed the Plough’ -- (The new) ‘Split the Whisker’ -- The Sporting Days of Easter -- St Clair’s Hornpipe -- The Star of Munster -- The Steam Packet -- ‘Stop at the Corner’ -- Strathspey -- The Straw-berry Banks -- The Summer’s Morning -- The Swaggering Jig -- Swansea Hornpipe -- Tadg O’Flaherty -- Táiliúr an Mhagaigh [2nd title] -- ‘Take her out and Air her’ -- ‘Take Me while I’m Pleasing’ -- The Tap Room -- The Tartan Plaid -- The Tatter Jack Walsh -- ‘Tatter the Rags’ -- The Telegraph Reel -- ‘Tell her I am’ -- Temple House -- There is Nothing like Pride about Me -- The Third Buffs’ March -- This Love of Mine -- “Thought” (Jackson’s Airs VI) -- The Tinker’s Frolic -- The Top of Cork Road -- ‘Toss the Feathers’ -- ‘Touch Her if you Dare’ -- ‘Touch it if ye Dare’ -- Tralee Hornpipe -- Trip to the Furze (Jackson’s Airs XI) -- Trip to the Garrett (Jackson’s Airs II) -- Truagh -- A Tyrolese Dance -- [Untitled Jig] -- Úr-Chlann na Mná ó’n Sliabh [2nd title] -- Virginia Hornpipe -- ‘Wallop the Ladies’ – Waltz -- The Wash-woman -- The Waterloo Hornpipe -- The Wedding Ring -- ‘Welcome to the Country’ -- Wellington Dance -- A Welsh Hornpipe -- The Wet Weather -- ‘What a Beau your Granny was’ -- When Mary was a Young Thing -- ‘Whistle & I’ll Come to You, my Lad’ -- The Whistling Thief -- The Widow Well Married -- Willy o’er the Mountains -- The Woods are Cutting (Co Louth setting) -- Yeoman’s Reel -- ‘You are Welcome Home to your Mother’ -- Youghal Harbour 

Corporate Author:Irish Traditional Music Archive
Series:Studies in Irish traditional music : Taighde ar cheol dúchais Éireann
Specifications:xxx+282 pp., illustrated introduction, bibliography, indexes, music in staff notation ; 30 cm.
Copyright:Irish Traditional Music Archive 2013

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