Selena O’Neill, fiddle / unidentified photographer

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Selena O’Neill, fiddle / unidentified photographer
ITMA Image Reference Number:2313-BK
Title:Selena O'Neill, fiddle [photograph] / unidentified photographer
In The dance music of Ireland : 1001 gems : double jigs, hop or slip jigs, reels, hornpipes, long dances, set dances etc. / collected and selected from all available sources and edited by Capt. Francis O'Neill ; arranged by Sergt. James O'Neill
Photographer:Unidentified photographer
Publisher:Chicago : Lyon & Healy, 1907
Copyright:Capt. Francis O'Neill 1907
Physical Description:p. 16 ; 31 cm.
Gallery: Francis O’Neill’s Visual Illustrations (1), 1903–1910