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The Ancient Music of Ireland.  Volume 2 / George Petrie ed.

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The Ancient Music of Ireland.  Volume 2 / George Petrie ed.
ITMA Reference Number:17774-BK
Title:The Ancient Music of Ireland. Volume 2 / edited by George Petrie
Author:Petrie, George [ed.]
Publication Details:[Dublin] : [Society for the Preservation and Publication of the Melodies of Ireland], [1882]
Subject:Ireland: Instrumental music
Series:The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland
Contents:Gather up the money -- The top of the sweet Dunmul -- An cumhaín leatsa an oidhche úd = Do you remember that night -- Name unascertained -- Ceapach Dáinig = Ceappa Dainig -- The green bushes -- Carolan's draught -- Caitilín Ní Uallacháin = Katty Hualloghan -- The blackberry blossom -- Ar lorg na n-gamhan do chuireasa mo leanabh = To seek for the calves I have sent my child -- Sweet shining daisy -- Maidin fhómhair, or, Cailín péacach -- The harvest maiden, or, Sprouting maiden -- Consider well, all you pretty fair maids -- The petticotee jig : an ancient Munster march and jig-tune -- Grádh geal mo chroidhe = Bright love of my heart -- Some treat of David -- The humours of Caledon -- A bhuachail an chúil dualaigh = O youth of the flowing hair -- Aon is dó na píopaireachta = One and two of pipering -- Bean dubh an ghleanna = (The) black (haired) maid of the valley -- Adieu, ye young men of Clady Green -- A Shean-Duine Chroidhe : first setting = Thou old man of my heart : first setting -- A Shean-Duine Chroidhe : second setting = Thou old man of my heart : second setting -- A Shean-Duine Chroidhe : third setting = Thou old man of my heart : third setting -- Name unascertained -- Cuirin-si cughat-sa an searbhan seoil = I send you the floating tribute -- Roddy McCurley -- A lullaby -- The flannel jacket -- Archy Boylan -- Banish misfortune, or, Mary of Inistuirk -- Bacach na cleithe = The baragh of the wattle -- An ceó draoidheachta = The magic mist -- Caitilín Ní Aédha = Kitty O'Hay -- A single jig -- Ploughmen's and carters' whistle -- A chos deas i m-bróig = O beautiful foot in shoe -- Tamall dá rabhus sul d'iompaigh an mágh orm = One time in my life before fortune played false to me