Future of the Archive

The Archive will continue to develop by building up its collections and improving its various services to the public. It will continue to be guided by its principles of ‘public access’ and ‘public education’.

While its physical collections and its permanent premises will always be at the core of the ITMA’s activities, its future will be increasingly digital and Internet-based. Its immediate priorities – as well as continuing to acquire, preserve and organise all new publications in the field, and create new materials and information by field collection and cataloguing – will be to complete its current programme of publishing its catalogues on its website for world-wide access (see catalogues and databases), and continue its systematic programme of also publishing digital materials and information on its website.

Future of the Archive Image
‘Éire’ (Ireland) by Irish-American sculptor Jerome Connor (1874–1943) in Merrion Square. The beautiful public park in Merrion Square is among the many attractions adjacent to the Archive in central Dublin.