The logo and trademark of the Archive derives from the bell of a bronze horn of the Iron Age, the Loughnashade Horn, which is about 2,000 years old.

This is one of the oldest surviving Irish musical instruments.

Decorated in curvilinear Celtic style, the Horn was discovered with three similar instruments in a lake in County Armagh where it is believed to have been deposited as a religious offering sometime about the beginning of the Christian era.

The Loughnashade Horn is in the National Museum of Ireland, and the logo is used with permission of the Museum.

'The fabrication of a horn such as that from Loughnashade represents a feat of spectacular craftmanship... The craftsmen who made the horns in Ireland may have received inspiration from outside but without any doubt it was their own individual genius and technological expertise which created the magnificent objects... They can truly be described as outstanding masterpieces of Irish Iron Age metalwork.' — Barry Raftery, 'The Loughnashade Horns', Emania no 2, 1987

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ITMA logo - The Loughnashade Horn